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An Exemplar Sustainable


Travel Site



for Leighton Buzzard

Victoria Harvey 

An exemplar sustainable travel site is not just emperorís new clothes or some fashionable excuse for employing consultants. It will mean the reality of a better quality of life for new residents, a reduction in congestion, and a flourishing town centre which will help all residents.

It does not mean people are expected to give up their cars, but it does mean that families will not have to buy a second car and they have a choice not to buy a car at all as there will be a realistic alternative. It  means that journeys to the town centre and railway station will be very quick and easy.

The conditions signed up to by the developers, the local councils and Arriva and DCLG will provide a frequent and reliable alternative to car travel. It will create a more comfortable, convenient and relaxing form of traveling than sitting in traffic jams and trying desperately to find a parking space.

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