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Luton Translink Busway – Proofs of Evidence

Letter to Persona Associates from South Beds FoE members Peter Hatswell and Roger Pepworth, 2005


As advised to The Secretary of State in our letter of 6 February 2004, South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth endorse the Government’s support for public transport provision to ease congestion and pollution on our roads. We are happy to support any effective means of reducing dependency on private cars and delivery vehicles, which has grown through lack of foresight and insufficient investment by previous Governments.


Preferred Solution

Our preference for the Luton/Dunstable corridor has always been standard gauge rail using either trains or trams with the reinstatement of the link between the Midland Main Line and the West Coast Main Line being an important objective1.



The Luton/Leighton Buzzard rail link was completed in 1860 with the building of the bridge over the A5 at Dunstable (North) station. It had a thriving passenger service from the days when road transport was horse drawn up to the 1960’s when cheap oil and mass production allowed cars to take over2.


  1. Extract from minutes of South Beds Executive 3 Feb 2004 – 3rd recommendation.

  2. The Dunstable Branch – Bill Simpson – D & D Citizen survey 1967 p112


Scheme Failings

The Translink Busway is not an efficient solution to our transport problems


Freight, Energy & Traffic Pollution


Space Saving & Visual Intrusion

Commuters & Multi Modal Studies

Building Costs

Planning Ahead

Translink Grant & Civic Blackmail


Luton Borough Council Transport Performance

Bus Patronage and Performance





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