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Planning White Paper

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A Nuclear Power Station beside you ...?Our rights cut by new Bill


The New Planning White Paper (PWP) was published on 21st May.

Major projects such as nuclear power stations, motorways, incinerators and airports will be decided at national level and there

will no longer be local participation. Locally this could have serious implications for the quadrupling of Luton airport as local people would not

be able to question whether more air travel should be supported.


The retail need assessment for Supermarkets and out of town retail centres will be removed which could lead to developers building more out of town retail stores which could harm existing town centres.


The PWP means that local people will lose most of their rights and participation in the plans for our area. This summer South Beds District Council will do a huge public consultation on the new housing, what it should look like; should it be low carbon; where should it be built; what facilities should it have? etc. The housing numbers have been fixed by central government but at least local people can have a large say in what type of housing and where exactly the houses are built. Even these rights will be removed under the new planning bill.


Friends of the Earth are urging people to write to the Minister for Communities and Local Government, Ruth Kelly MP expressing opposition, or e-mail our local MP.




The government is trying to streamline the planning process using phrases such as ‘promoting sustainable development’.


All this means in plain language is that it is rolling over to big business and large developers so that they can build lots of airports, incinerators, out of town retail centres and large roads, all things that are worst for climate change and our children’s future.




This will destroy our rights and our Council’s rights to stop harmful development. If this new bill is passed the government could plan a nuclear power station in South Bedfordshire and we and our Council would have no powers to object (although we might be allowed to discuss the colour of the fence around it)!

Friends of the Earth has formed a broad coalition aiming to defend the planning system. We are working with the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), the Wildlife Trusts, Ramblers, RSPB, Transport 200 and the Woodland Trust. Visit the Friends of the Earth website to find out further information and details on how to campaign:

Also see 'How Green is my Region?'



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