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Localism Bill

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Under its Big Society agenda the Government plans to empower local people to make decisions in their local area.

What it fails to mention is that local democracy and action to tackle climate change will be undermined by the Bill.


An unfair system

Costs: The new neighbourhood planning system will need to be paid for by communities out of their own pocket. Not all communities may be able to afford to write a neighbourhood plan.

Climate change: The Bill does not give clear guidelines for sustainable development -failing to promote a low-carbon future.

Shifting power: Neighbourhood plans will now be examined by an independent person and no longer involve the local council or Planning Inspectorate.

Weaker voice: People will no longer have the right to be heard in person at any inquiry on a neighbourhood plan.


The Localism Bill

The main issue is that the presumption is strongly in favour of development, yet sustainable development is not strongly defined. In the present system sustainable  development is seen as the key principle; in the new system it seems to be an add-on.

Sustainable development has a very detailed definition in the last governments' sustainability strategy.  In a nutshell it means moving toward a low carbon future, living within our means so that future generations do not suffer as a result of our lifestyle and so it covers everything; biodiversity, new housing energy, transport, economic development etc.

A proposed draft from the Practitioners Advisory Group

Friends of the Earth's response to the National Planning Policy framework

FoE: Behind the Localism Bill


The Energy Efficiency Bill

The main concern is that the energy efficiency bill, as with the localism bill, do not reflect in the detail the government's desire to be the greenest government.

The energy efficiency bill is not strong enough as regards the green deal and FoE are asking for energy efficiency certificates for rented properties as these as often the least insulated so most carbon inefficient, and still cold and damp for the tenants.

FoE: Green Energy Bill overview


We are concerned that the details of the Energy Efficiency Bill and the Localism Bill with the new draft on the National planning framework do not reflect the aims of the government to be the greenest government.


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