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Fair Trade

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Think globally, act locally...

The way you shop affects people in developing countries, so ethical purchasing really is a way to take a stand for Trade Justice.

Look out for these products & many more in your local Oxfam shop, high street, health food stores, cafés and supermarkets.


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High Standards  -  Great Products  -  Real Change

The FAIRTRADE mark is unique.

Choosing to purchase Fair Trade goods offers a real, practical option to strike a blow against the corporate empires. It guarantees farmers in developing countries a fair price for their products which covers their costs. It also ensures decent working conditions and a long term link up between buyer and seller and because the price is stable it enables them to plan for their future. It could mean a family in Guatemala or Botswana has money to send a child to school, or that a village can open a health centre or dig a well. Today more than 5 million farmers, workers and their families across 49 developing countries benefit from the international Fairtrade system.

All of this thanks to you choosing to spend a few extra pennies on your bananas or coffee - and there's no compromise on quality!


Packing mangoes, EcuadorWeighing coffee beans, NicaraguaTea picker handing in her tea, Sri LankaOvidia and Ovispo, cocoa farmers, Dominican RepublicPicking oranges, CubaWashing bananas, Dominican Republic





Pictures courtesy of The Fairtrade Foundation ©


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