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If everyone on the world was as wasteful as we are in Britain, we would need eight worlds just to keep going.


It's your world... something

            to make it better.



Do The Right Things!
A practical guide to ethical living

Your wallet can be a weapon in the battle to put people before profits. Use your spending power to support progressive companies and to reduce your impact on the environment. Do the Right Things! is packed with practical information about socially-responsible finance, renewable energy, food choices, recycling, action groups, charitable giving, lobbying, and more. Foreword by Benjamin Zephaniah.


Worker with bananas, Dominican Republic

Picking tea in Sri Lanka

Sorting cocoa, Dominican Republic

Pictures courtesy of The Fairtrade Foundation

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Just a few simple acts can help change the world

Don't just say you care - show you care


Almost half the world's population (2.7 billion people) lives on less than two dollars a day. And for every dollar the West gives in aid to developing countries, it takes two back through unfair trade.


As globalisation spreads, so does the increasing awareness that millions of people are trapped in poverty by powerful and unjust economic forces.


Pollution and global warming threaten catastrophic climate change and ecological damage.  Rich countries, with only 15% of the world's population, generate 50% of carbon dioxide emissions and use 50% of the earth's energy. The vast majority of victims of climate change are in developing countries.


You really can make a difference and do something positive for the planet, simply by changing your shopping list, credit card, light bulbs in your home or recycling. And you won't be alone. There are already millions of people campaigning, protesting, donating money, volunteering and recycling - striving to make the world a better place.



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