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Trade Justice and Fair Trade organisations:


The Trade Justice Movement is made up of a number of organisations that campaign for international trade rules to be changed to benefit the poor & the environment.

Tel: 01865 245678


Oxfam has a website that highlights some of the glaring trade inequalities, provides information and encourages you to take action.

Make Trade Fair


The Ethical Consumer Research Association keeps tabs on developments and signals concerns for consumers with a conscience.

Ethical Consumer

Tel: 0161 226 2929


The Ethical Company Organisation actively works with consumers, companies and NGOs, and aims to establish an overall benchmark standard for 21st century Corporate Social Responsibility - regarding human rights, animal welfare and the environment.


Fair Trade products are available in supermarkets, whole food and Oxfam shops, some cafes, and restaurants.  If fair trade products are not available - ask for them to be stocked.

Your demands will increase the availability of the products.

The Fairtrade Foundation Tel: 020 7405 5942


Tradecraft The UK's widest range of fair trade products. Check out Traidcraft's great range of products sourced from Traidcraft producers around the world.

Tel: 0870 443 1017


Support Fair Trade in Leighton Buzzard (pdf file)





Tourism Concern work with communities in destination countries to reduce social and environmental problems connected to tourism and with the out-going tourism industry in the UK to find ways of improving tourism so that local benefits are increased. Tel: 020 7133 3330


The Travel Foundation is a charity that supports sustainable tourism and aims to help vistors make a positive contribution to holiday destinations.

Tel: 0117 927 3049


North South Travel is a friendly travel agency offering discounted fares worldwide and full travel agency backup.

But unlike other travel agencies the profits from North South Travel's business are channelled to projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America through the registered charity, the NST Development Trust.

01245 608291



Giving shares and property:


ShareGift offers a charity share donation scheme to make it easy for you to give any number of shares to charity.  They work with companies, stockbrokers, charities and other organisations across the UK to help with share donations.


Remember A Charity is the biggest combined effort of its kind ever in the UK. For the first time ever, over 130 UK charities have joined forces to raise awareness about leaving money to charity and to make it the norm rather than the exception.





Liftshare is a widely used website that helps people find drivers and passengers online. It also has a site to enable parents to share the school run.

Tel: 08700 111199


Share a Journey organises corporate membership to promote car sharing - also aiming to help with the school run.


The Environmental Transport Agency provides a wide range of services for your needs from cycle insurance & breakdown to motor & travel. We strive to provide you with competitively priced products with the peace of mind that you are contributing to a better environment.

Tel: 0800 212810


Sustrans is a sustainable transport charity that works on projects to reduce motor traffic by encouraging people to walk, cycle and use public transport.

Tel: 0845 113 0065


The Cycle Campaign Network is the UK national federation of cycle campaign groups, supporting cycling locally, regionally, nationally and in Europe





Only 1% of the world's water is available for use, making it a very precious commodity, yet on a daily basis we waste huge amounts through leakage, evaporation and contamination.

Make sure every drop counts at home: shower instead of running a bath; don't leave water running when you brush your teeth, and put a Hippo in your cistern - better still, persuade your friends & colleagues to put one in theirs too!


The Thames Water website has many more water saving ideas.


Make a donation to Water Aid to get water, sanitation and hygiene education to some of the poorest people in the world.

Tel: 020 7793 4500




Ethical Banking & Investment:


The Co-operative Bank will not invest in state organisations in countries with poor human rights records, or any organisations operating in countries where there exists the highest degree of concern over the maintenance of human rights, where the nature of the business is particularly socially or environmentally contentious.

Tel: 08457 212212


The Ethical Investment Research Service (Eiris) is a good reference point and a mine of information on ethical finance from banking to investment and pensions. It was set up by a group of churches and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that wanted their principles incorporated in the investment strategy.

Tel: 020 7840 5700


The Building Societies Association has a list of building societies, which are not part of giant multinational conglomerates, and are less likely than banks to loan your money to unsavoury businesses.

Tel: 020 7437 0655


Ethical Investors Group has been set up to provide a specialist financial advice service to all those who care about their world and its preservation, and wish to extend this philosophy to all areas of their lives.

Tel: 01242 539848


Ethical Investment Co-operative is a firm of Independent Financial Advisers dedicated to ethical and socially responsible investment.

Tel: 01748 822402


Triodos Bank uses its funds to back businesses that make a difference to society and the environment. Enterprises it supports include organic farming, renewable energy and fair trade.

Tel: 0500 008720


The Ecology Building Society uses the money deposited to help build a more sustainable future by supporting eco-businesses and projects. You may be asked if you are a member of a green organisation before they accept you for an account.

Tel: 0845 674 5566


Norwich & Peterborough Building Society offers a range of green mortgages that includes loans for energy-saving improvements.

Tel: 0845 300 6727


The Campaign Against the Arms Trade names and shames some of the country's biggest investment funds that have money in the arms industry. Its clean investment campaign challenges organisations and lobbies for them to disinvest.

Tel: 020 7281 0297





The average household in Britain produces about six tonnes of CO2 annually from gas and electricity. Use less energy - save money & the planet at the same time!


Good Energy is an independent UK company which supplies only 100% renewable electricity to homes and businesses throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Tel: 0845 456 1640

Juice has been developed through a partnership between npower and Greenpeace. Juice is currently generated at North Hoyle Offshore Wind Farm.

Tel: 0845 120 2755


Generate your own...


Energy Saving Trust is one of the UK's leading organisations tasked with sustainable energy solutions in homes and on the road.

Tel: 020 7222 0101


Solar Century work directly with architects, housing developers and engineers. We also liaise with your electricity supplier to help you sell back your surplus clean electricity

Tel: 020 7803 0100





Buying recycled products helps 'close the loop', creating a demand for the materials recovered by recycling collection schemes. For recycling to work, there needs to be markets for the products made with recycled materials. Buying recycled helps keep reusable material in the economy, reduces waste needing to be landfilled and conserves resources, particularly energy.





Some charities benefit from selling on used stamps and this can raise thousands of pounds. Making sure you don't damage the stamps, cut from envelopes and take or send to the charity you wish to support. Collect stamps from friends or colleagues too.


Amnesty International Tel: 020 7814 6200


Oxfam Tel: 0870 333 2700





Refusing to buy a company's products sends a message in no uncertain terms and hits them where it hurts most - their profits.  When enough people join in and let companies know why their behaviour makes you unhappy, they are forced to make changes.

The Ethical Consumer website has a list of the latest boycotts:

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