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You will find some useful links here to help your child achieve a good understanding of the issues our planet faces, and how we can really help make a difference!




Tiki the penguin explains climate change & more



"Hi!  I'm Tiki the penguin. Have you heard about how the world's getting hotter?

Some people say it is. Some say it isn't. Who's right? And does it matter?

How will it affect you and your friends?

How will it affect penguins?

What can we do about it?"

Click on Tiki for more.


Click here for Children's Tropical Forests site



Click on the Toucan to go a site all about Tropical Rain Forests - there are loads of facts about life in the rain forests, and how we can help protect them



Enjoy year-round fun with downloads, games and activities. Become a Nature Detective by downloading ID sheets for leaves, twigs, seeds or flowers.




Rainforest word search

Recycling word search, maze & bird feeder

Make a pinwheel



Friends of the Earth