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Keep the Buzz in Leighton Buzzard

September 2015 - A summary of our work


Map and details of bee friendly habitats across Leighton Buzzard

Overview of 15 bee friendly sites [PPT]

Map of the 15 bee friendly sites across Leighton Buzzard


Keep the Buzz in Leighton Buzzard creates three special areas working in partnership with LLTC, three schools, LB First and others

Leighton-Linslade in Bloom 2015 [PPT]


Environment  minister with our local MP visit Keep the Buzz in Leighton Buzzard

Lord DeMauley and Andrew Selous visit [PPT]

Leighton Buzzard becomes a national exemplar to support the governments new strategy to help bees

Bees Needs


Leighton Buzzard's work on bees has international acclaim

Natures Keepers

with Leighton Buzzard featured here: Natures Keepers Leighton Buzzard



Spirea (meadowsweet)


'Bee Champion' Lawn

Bee Friendly around Town

Leighton Buzzard is now a Bee Friendly Town!!!              [Archived 2014]

The Leisure and Community Committee of Leighton/Linslade Town Council voted on 22nd July to be a Bee Friendly Town.

LLTC motion on bees

The Council's planting schemes will include plants that support bees and other pollinating insects, managing grass areas so that more support can be given to bees, allowing wildflowers and grassy areas to grow longer for nesting and pollination, and creating more wildflower areas.

LLTC is looking to work with Central Bedfordshire council to create bee sanctuaries, areas of grass and parkland for wildflowers and longer grass. The Town Council will also be supporting more bee hives in Stanbridge Meadows.


Be a 'Bee Champion'

We are calling on people to be 'Bee Champions' in their own gardens, growing their lawns a bit longer to allow wildflowers for bees, and bee champions in Leighton Buzzard to help find bee sanctuaries on green spaces and parks managed by the council.

We are providing laminated posters for people to put up in their gardens to explain to their neighbours what they are doing if they want to grow their lawns longer.

Contact Victoria for a poster, or to tell her about a green space (tel: 07815 817108)


Be a 'Bee Champion'

Want your own bee-friendly garden?

Simply allow your lawn to grow!

from this... this!

Rambling rose

What you can do in your garden to help bees

1. Have a buzzing lawn: allow some of your lawn to grow a bit so that flowers such as Self heal and Birds Foot Trefoil can flower - which the bees love!

2. Donít use pesticides especially those containing neonicotinoids as they can harm bees.

3. Grow bee-friendly flowers throughout the year so that the bees have food all the year round from spring to Autumn. The RHS has a list of 'Perfect Pollinators' and South Beds friends of the Earth has a list.

4. Bees need places to hibernate and nest. Bumble bees like to nest in long grass, in compost heaps etc, so leave some long untidy tussocky grass.

5. Solitary bees like to nest in hollow stems and holes in walls, you can make a bee hotel out of chopped up bamboo canes


Keep the Buzz in Leighton Buzzard!

Two things you can do for bees in the town


1. Tell us about a bit of green-space or verge that has flowers

Is there an area of park or verge, or green space near you that has flowers and is always cut just as it flowers? If it were not cut it could become a bee sanctuary.

Is there an area where the grass could grow long without disturbing anyone? If you think you know a suitable area please inform South Beds Friends of the Earth as we are collecting a list of places.


 2. Be a Bee Champion

Help look after a bee sanctuary by once or twice a year raking up some grass in a small area of green space dedicated to the bees. To support wildflowers the grass is only cut once or twice a year and then must be raked up, and we need volunteers to do the raking.

email: or tel: 07815 817 108.





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