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  Download a Bee World

information pack

Leighton Buzzard is now a Bee Friendly Town!!!


Bees are a vital component in ecological networks and provide significant social and economic benefits to humans through crop pollination and maintaining the character of the landscape. Despite their importance, both to people and the natural environment, unsustainable agriculture, diseases and habitat degradation have placed significant pressures on many species of bees, causing widespread declines.


SBFoE Practical actions to support bees

We have planted:

  • a wildflower meadow at the Leighton Buzzard Railway Station beside platform one

  • wildflowers along Clipstone Brook in Parson Close in Leighton Buzzard

  • wildflowers and shrubs beside the River Ouzel

  • jasmine and honeysuckle by the fence in the Alwyn’s Field, Linslade

  • an orchard in Astral Park.

We work closely with Anglia in Bloom We need volunteers to look after these areas, planting more seeds and stopping grass and nettles from overwhelming the wildflowers. We are also working with Central Bedfordshire Council and Plantlife to manage the roadside verges to support wildlife.







As part of the national Friends of the Earth Bee Cause campaign we launched our own local 'Keep the Buzz in Leighton Buzzard' campaign on 14 April 2012 with a stall in the market. More than 130 people completed postcards that will be sent to David Cameron calling on him to join The Bee Cause and to commit to a National Bee Action Plan to help save British bees which are so essential to our food supply and economy. British bees have been declining rapidly over the past few years and without them we would lose many of our native plants, the insects and birds that depended on them and food prices would rise because pollinating crops in other ways would cost farmers over Ł1.8 billion a year.

Our display of informative posters, photos of bees and volunteers in Bee Cause costumes attracted many people to the stall, where we gave out hundreds of leaflets providing information about the plight of bees and how everyone can help by planting bee-friendly plants and not using pesticides (see poster & Sunday Times article) in their gardens. The plant shops and stalls in the market supported us by displaying our “we sell bee-friendly plants” posters which will also be displayed at some forthcoming plant sales. We are grateful to Andrew Beer, from Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association, who was with us providing expert advice and answering the many questions that people had about bees.

National FoE Bee Report [pdf]The following links provide lots more information:-

short-haired bumblebee returns to UK (BBC 28/05/12)


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