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Alliance against road building


Road Block is an alliance of groups and individuals campaigning

against road-building.

Road Block has launched in response to a roads programme of around 200 proposed or planned schemes throughout the UK: a scale of road building not seen since the infamous 1990s road building programme, which led to unprecedented community-based protest. Many schemes were cancelled and the new Labour government made a manifesto pledge to cut road building and traffic growth.

Today’s escalating number of road schemes suggests that the Government has given up on this commitment.

Road building destroys and degrades habitats, species, and heritage. It divides and fragments communities. It contributes to health problems such as asthma. Road building does little for the poorest in society, who depend on public transport.
Road transport is also the single biggest contributor to the UK’s output of greenhouse gases. High levels of these gases are causing the climate to change at a speed never seen before in human history.

Getting around, and having a secure economy, need not involve such destruction.

Road Block aims to highlight the insanity of more road building, and to support a move towards the sustainable transport practices that are still within our reach.



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