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Campaigners Bury Children in Rubbish


People from South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth will be burying their children in rubbish on Saturday to illustrate that the rubbish we create will still be around and a problem when they are grown up.


South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth campaigners will also be sending a message in a bottle to South Bedfordshire District Council to extend their glass doorstep recycling scheme from just 3 villages to the whole district.


The UK currently languishes near the very bottom of the European recycling league table - recycling just 12 per cent of the waste produced. Research has shown that doorstep collection of materials is the most effective way to increase a local authority’s recycling rates.


South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth is urging South Bedfordshire District Council to follow Friends of the Earth's `best practice' code to improve the collection service offered to householders and increase the number of households recycling. Measures include collecting a wider range of materials on a weekly basis, the provision of better information to householders and increased effort to reach out to `difficult' properties such as high-rise and rural dwellings.


South Beds. Friends of the Earth waste campaigner Victoria Harvey said:

"Although South Beds District Council is extending its doorstep recycling service, there is still a long way to go to improve its recycling record. If we are going to tackle the huge mountain of waste that we produce and start to use products and materials in the most environmentally friendly way possible we need to be recycling and composting much more of our rubbish. A recent survey showed that 49% of local people are not recycling. This is creating mountains of rubbish as our legacy for our children. We will be giving out directories to local residents with all sorts of useful information about recycling locally including where the local facilities are, how to get things repaired and bright ideas on how to reuse items you would have thrown away.




Contact:  Victoria Harvey, co-ordinator South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth. Tel 01525 385 097,

Mobile 07815 817 108. email



[1] Recycling rates from 2000: Austria 55%, Belgium 39%, Denmark 38%, Finland 26%, France 21%, Germany 45%, Greece 9%, Ireland 12%, Italy 16%, Luxembourg 34%, Netherlands 48%, Portugal 4%, Spain 30%, Sweden 29%, United Kingdom* 11%

*The UK rate is now estimated to be about 14.5 per cent.

Source publication: e-Digest of Environmental Statistics, Published September 2003


[2] Friends of the Earth's best practice code for a doorstep recycling scheme includes the following features :

1. Weekly collection

2. Collection of recycling and residual waste on the same day of the week

3. Wide range of materials collected

4. Good customer care including regular information

5. Provision of an easily storable container

6. Collection of separated rather than commingled recyclables



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