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26/07/11 FoE will fight for grassland -   Leighton Buzzard Observer


24/04/10 You wait six years for a bus... -  LB News


12/01/10 Leighton campaigner's war against waste -   Leighton Buzzard Observer


16/12/08 Packed public meeting boosts homes battle fighting fund  -   Leighton Buzzard Observer


30/10/08 Green group urge PM to keep pledge  -  Leighton Buzzard Observer


09/10/08 Want to buy local food but don't know where?  -  LB Citizen / Observer


08/10/08 Directory gives shops chance to sell 'local' message  -  LB News


17/06/08 Green campaigners stage a protest against plastic bags  -  Leighton Buzzard Observer


15/04/08 South Beds FoE Rejoice over Cycle Bridge


20/02/08 Council's cull of trees more than a 'trim'  -  LB News


22/01/08 Bypass ruled out for eight years  -  Leighton Buzzard Observer


10/2007 South Beds & Luton FoE's response to Growth Area Consultation click here


28/10/07 There has not been a U-turn from South Beds FoE


25/10/07 Residents stop the Chainsaw Gang -  Leighton Buzzard Observer


04/10/07 £1m boost for public transport in Bedfordshire growth area - Communities and Local Government


16/10/07 Green campaigners in house build U turn - Leighton Buzzard Observer


01/08/07 Friends of the Earth condemn Planning White Paper - LB News


21/07/07 Buses would ease the transport crisis - Victoria's letter published in Independent


24/04/07 Protesters demand a bypass bridge - Leighton Buzzard Observer


07/02/07 Condemned to History - Paul Brown, The Guardian

28/09/06 Town's Outcry 'Save our Countryside'  - Leighton Buzzard Observer


26/07/06 'Airing a problem'; letter by Chris Stevenson - The Independent


02/04/06 'Know Your Buses' display launched - Local paper


13/03/06 Chris Stevenson's letter to the Treasury in response to the Barker Review


04/10/05 Cities swap expertise on climate - BBC News online


30/05/05 ‘Some good to come out of mess’ of controversial bypass - Transport 2000


13/05/05 Road Protestors uphold Wildlife laws


02/02/05 Cars and Effect - Paul Brown, The Guardian


02/02/05 Linslade bypass protesters secure transport victory due to protest


02/02/05 Protesters' win over bypass injunction - Laura Smith, The Guardian


02/02/05 Protesters freed from 'oppressive injunction' - Telegraph


26/01/05 Linslade bypass 'Digger Two' protesters in court, as work resumes on road scheme


24/01/05 Protests resume to stop the Linslade bypass after first victory


24/01/05 Treehouse protest at bypass site - BBC News online


24/01/05 Road protester vows to go to prison - Evening Standard


19/01/05 Local people confront diggers and chainsaws at site of new bypass - Transport 2000


19/01/05 Work starts on contentious bypass - BBC News online


18/01/05 Road protesters regroup for action - Paul Brown, The Guardian


17/01/05 'Road Block' protest group formed - BBC News online


17/01/05 Protesters fear road is for homes - BBC News online


18/09/04 Campaigners Bury Children in Rubbish



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