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C is for cycling


Most of us have experienced the freedom of cycling and the pain and gain of this form of travel. Man has yet to devise a mechanical form of transport that uses human energy more efficiently. However, cycling has many other advantages apart from keeping fit.


In Dunstable it is probably the fastest and most reliable method of crossing the town, there are no parking charges, no road tax, fuel costs, insurance or MOT test and you can usually park within a few feet of your destination.


Many local villages and Leagrave station are within 30 minutes reach of the town centre as well as the pick up point for National Express buses to Birmingham and beyond (Travel Lodge Hotel, Luton Road).

Although it is fashionable for cyclists to wear brightly coloured Lycra, it is not essential and ordinary clothes are fine with a reflective jacket or belt for after dark. I do a fair amount of cycling and it is surprising how infrequently I need to use waterproofs Ė showers donít usually last all day.


For short journeys, using a bike is environmentally friendly especially when compared to standard cars, which produce their worst pollution when used in this manner. Compared to a wasteful car you can save 12oz - or about a dustbin full of CO2 passing into the atmosphere for every mile you travel plus 14p from your petrol bill.


Cycling in the countryside is usually a special pleasure where you can hear the birds singing, watch the wildlife, breathe fresh air and appreciate your surroundings all at your own pace. Our local Authorities and the Civil Engineering charity, Sustrans are investing in new facilities for cyclists and the more people that have a go, the better and safer it will become. Bikes are not just for children or eccentrics, they are sensible, enjoyable and environmentally sustainable.




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