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Climate Change

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Walrus in the Arctic (Photo: Greenpeace)

Photo: Greenpeace




Floods in the UK


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50 ideas for reducing your

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Climate Change - the ultimate threat


The earth has been warming since the Ice Age at the pace of a snail.

But, since World War II, the pace of change has become more like a cheetah!Climate change threatens the very existence of the human species and all species globally.


The threats are well known, the main ones being:

  • Up to a million species could be driven to extinction as soon as 2050 a scientific study says. The study of six world regions suggested a quarter of animals and plants living on the land could be forced into oblivion.

  • Melting of ice - especially of Greenland and Antarctica, leading to a rise in sea levels and widespread flooding which will create major upheaval for millions.

  • More frequent flooding in the UK

  • Thames Estuary levels are rising and may be 25-50cm higher by 2050. This means we might need a new Thames Barrier to protect London from flooding.

  • Death & disease. Experts think that by 2050 there could be an additional 10,000 cases of food poisoning, 3,000 deaths from heatstroke, 5,000 deaths from skin cancer and 2,000 cataracts   every year in the UK alone.

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