Soulbury Road grassy bank

The site is a steep grassy bank along part of Soulbury Road, in front of the houses that form part of the St Mary’s Way estate. We started to manage it for wildlife and to introduce more plants in [2017], with some success – see Phil Irving’s survey report from 2017:

This site is a steep grassy bank along the north side of Soulbury Road in Linslade centred at Grid Reference SP908254. The grassland is quite coarse and grass dominated, and would benefit from regular hay cutting management during the summer, ideally with sections cut in rotation in late spring/early summer to reduce the vigour of the grasses.

The following is a list of species recorded from the site (those with ‘P’ next to them have been planted):

False oat grass Arrhenatherum elatius

Yorkshire fog Holcus lanatus

Cocksfoot Dactylis glomerata

Perennial rye grass Lolium perenne

Red fescue Festuca rubra

Timothy Phleum pratense

Smaller catstail Phleum bertolonii

Creeping bent Agrostis stolonifera

Common couch Elytrigia repens

Wall barley Hordeum murinum

Bur medick Medicago minima (locally abundant in shorter grassland and on bare areas)

Black medick Medicago lupulina

Common ragwort Senecio jacobaea

Common mallow Malva sylvestris

White clover Trifolium repens

Red clover Trifolium pratense

Cranesbill sp. Geranium sp.

Yarrow Achillea millefolium

Evening primrose Oenothera sp. P

Smooth hawksbeard Crepis capillaris

Ribwort plantain Plantago lanceolata

Common catsear Hypochaeris radicata

Broad-leaved dock Rumex obtusifolius

Common vetch Vicia sativa

Field madder Sheradia arvensis

Corncockle Agrostemma githago P

Common mouse-ear Cerastium fontanum

Cut leaved cranesbill Geranium dissectum

Creeping cinquefoil Potentilla reptans

Common field speedwell Veronica persica

Garlic mustard Alliaria petiolata

Spear thistle Cirsium vulgare

Cherry regeneration Prunus sp.