Riverside Walk

The Riverside Walk site is close to the river behind Mill Bank and Croxley Court. With the permission of Central Bedfordshire Council, we started it in 2016 due to the interest and enthusiasm of a resident who lived adjacent to the area.

The area is challenging because the river floods, making the soil very rich, which makes everything grow very vigorously. We have had a long battle to remove nettles and very thick grass. We have planted cornfield annuals at the front and a mixture of perennials such as knapweed, campion, mallow in the middle, so that there is nectar throughout the year. We have planted teasel and comfrey at the back as the flowers are much loved by bumble bees, and we also found a toad hibernating in the comfrey roots. Ladies bedstraw is establishing and we have added stitchwort, grape hyacinths and forget-me-nots at the front for spring nectar.

We organise about four work parties a year for the area, and the original resident keeps a watchful eye on it.