South Beds FoE Recycling Project in Parson’s Close

May 2021

Right from the start, FoE have campaigned for recycling both nationally and locally. The local group was started in 1992 and some of our earliest campaigns focused on recycling. We produced leaflets and held demos where we dressed up.

In 2003 national FoE were successful in getting the government to implement a Household and Recycling Act which led to the implementation of  domestic recycling by local councils.

Following our campaign led by Annie in 2009, South Beds FoE successfully applied  for a £1000 grant from the Wixamtree Trust for a recycling centre in Parsons Close park in the centre of town. The Town Council paid for its installation (close to the exit for Pulfords and All Saints Church), and  South Beds Friends of the Earth led by Annie produced leaflets for the public and started a competition for school children. The town council also put up signage and information promoting the  recycling centre. Annie regularly checked the bins in Parsons Close and transferred recyclable waste from other bins to the recycling centre, to save it from going landfill. The Town Council gave her a key so she could check on any contamination in the recycling bin, as contamination can prevent the material being recycled. Annie is covered by Friends of the Earth insurance for the work which she carried out.

South Beds FoE has continued to campaign on increasing recycling facilities in the town centre. We collected recyclables in litter bins that were going to landfill  and held a demo outside the White House in  August  2011, which unintentionally coincided with a visit from the town’s twin town in Germany. As a result of this and other lobbying, the Partnership Committee  of Central Beffordshire Council and Leighton-Linslade Town Council gave the green light for recycling bins in the town centre.

During the summer of 2015, five solar bins were installed by the Town Council in Parson’s Close. There was a noted increase in contamination in the  recycling centre after the solar  bins were installed and there was some confusion about the solar bins and their use. Members of the public regularly asked Annie what they were for.

The contamination turned into a more serious problem when the bin next to the recycling bank was vandalised and had to be removed. Annie continued to check the bins and remove any contamination, but the contamination issue had grown really bad, and CBC had expressed concern.

Following a very positive meeting between South Beds FoE and the Town Council, it has been confirmed that a new solar bin will be installed in Parson’s Close close to the Recycling  Centre which will lessen the contamination. We will arrange for appropriate signage on the recycling  bin  so that members of the public will be  encouraged to use the South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth recycling bin when disposing of recyclables.

South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth and  Leighton-Linslade Town Council  will be working together in partnership to encourage recycling in Parson’s Close. The Town  Council  will also be looking for other places in Parson’s Close to promote the use of the recycling centre.

The Town Council will consult with South Beds FoE about future plans for recycling from the litter bins in the town that are collected by the town council.

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New Recycling Facility

Recycling in Leighton Buzzard Town Centre

The recycling bank that South Beds FoE purchased via a grant last year for the town council has been in use for a year now.

The public continue to put drinks cans and plastic bottles into litter bins. The council’s refuse collection contractor Verdant collect this waste and take it to landfill so we have an ongoing campaign to ask those who use the park to recycle into the bank. Annie Taylor has leaflets that she distributes to parents using the playground. She has also been given the key to the unit so that it can be checked for contamination before collection. And, displaying an extraordinary lack of self-image, she makes daily sweeps of the parks and town to collect littered drinks cans and plastic bottles. Our long-term goal is to apply for another grant next year for a second recycling bank for Mentmore Park.

Archived (2010)

New Recycling Facility

Operational from 2010

South Beds Friends of the Earth obtain £1200 of funding for a Recycling Unit for Parsons Close Recreation Ground

After six months of research and discussions with the Town Council and Central Bedfordshire,  South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth have been successful with their grant application to Wixamtree Trust for approx £1200 for a recycling centre in Parsons Close Recreational Ground.

Domestic recycling is increasingly successful in Leighton Linslade, but plastic bottles and aluminium cans in the parks and the town centre are not sorted and recycled and but instead are just sent to landfill. This grant will provide a receptacle similar to a litter bin which will have separate compartments for plastic bottles and aluminium cans and from which Central Bedfordshire will collect and take to be recycled.

With a recycling centre for plastic bottles and aluminium drink cans we hope to encourage residents and shopkeepers to use this facility to decrease our town’s contribution to landfill. The town council are helping with the installation and central Bedfordshire are collecting from it, but neither council had the resources in theses cash strapped times to pay for the actual recycling centre. Therefore we applied for the grant from the Wixamtree Trust and are delighted that we have been given it.

Although this was pretty much the baby of South Beds FoE members Annie and Victoria, we should thank Debbie and Barry from the Town Council along with Cllr Adam Fahn all of whom offered much needed support to get the idea approved.