Town centre and the market

The food supply chain, from production to consumption, is a major contributor to climate change, accounting for nearly one third of all greenhouse emissions. Global livestock production alone has a greater carbon footprint (14.5 %) than all cars. Sadly, that’s not the end of the story. We also waste a huge amount of food, with about a third of all food produced globally lost in the supply chain. With these figures in mind, campaigning for more local alternatives to the current way of producing and consuming is one of our priorities.

Eating more seasonal and local fruit and vegetables and less, but better, meat from local butchers and farmers can help reduce emissions in many ways. It curbs the amount of energy that goes into food production, storage and transportation and also means fewer emissions from chemical pesticides and intensive livestock farming. It also results in less food being wasted in the supply chain.

With this in mind, we feel passionate about our town centre and we actively support our local farmers, the Leighton Buzzard Market and Farmers Market, as well as all the other local independent shops. We believe that these local retailers not only represent a sustainable way of producing and selling, but they also help people avoid driving to out-of-town superstores and they play a huge role in the community.

– We support the Farmers Market and the Leighton Buzzard market generally, and we secured funding from Friends of the Earth (national) for the creation of banners to advertise the Farmers Market throughout the town.

– We support the independent shops in the town centre – from cafes to breweries – and our campaign led to the creation of local shopping directories on the bus shelters at the bottom of the high street.

– We have campaigned against out-of-town retail parks that can have a negative impact on local independent retailers, diverting people from the town centre. We led a campaign to protest against the project to build a huge Tesco superstore and we are campaigning against the out-of-town Grovebury Road retail park.

– We are campaigning for more clothes shops in the area as people tend to travel to Milton Keynes due to the lack of clothes shops (especially menswear).