Central Bedfordshire Council’s Sustainability Plan

Progress report 1 – up to September 2021

Here’s the first progress report on Central Bedfordshire Council’s Sustainability Plan.

Main points are that they’re doing well in terms of constructing cutting-edge  buildings like the very low carbon Passive Haus-standard Dunstable Hub, and  the new  care homes in Leighton Buzzard and  Steppingley and a new school in Thornhill.

They’re doing good work on  tree planting.

They’re doing a lot of research on how to make their 4200 homes carbon-neutral, which is very promising.

More needs to happen on transport, particularly in terms of buses from the new estates. The report came out before November’s approval of the planning amendment for the new wind turbine just north of Leighton Buzzard (to nearly double its output), which brings a good electric bus service just a bit closer.