Recycling around the town

May 2021

We’ll be adding information over the next few weeks about where you can recycle around the town – to start with, there’s a page about the recycling bins in Parson’s Close here , and the latest news is that there’s now a box outside Nature’s Harvest, in North Street. for crisp packets and biscuit wrappers.

After they’ve been collected, the crisp packets are separated by plastic type, cleaned, and then extruded into plastic pellets to make new recycled products such as benches, watering cans and fence posts.

So – for the extra information, we need your help! If you’re in or around Leighton Buzzard and you know of places where we can recycle things, please let us know on

Places we’re planning to check over the next few weeks are the supermarkets, for recycling ‘soft’ plastic like plastic carrier bags and some food packaging; we’ll produce a list of where the glass recycling bins are (Tesco’s car park; where else?); we know there are clothes recycling boxes at the Tesco’s car park site, but are there any others? Clean textiles could be bagged up, labelled, and dropped off at Oxfam, at least before the pandemic, and we’ll be checking this and updating this page over the next few days and weeks. Any information very welcome – we’d rather be told the same thing half a dozen times than not at all 🙂

And of course, the bible on recycling locally is this page on the Central Bedfordshire Council website, which includes links to information about CBC’s 9 recycling banks in Leighton Buzzard (and the one at Tesco’s in Linslade).

The list so far:

Brita water filter cartridges can be recycled at Argos and at Nature’s Harvest in North Street

Shoes and boots can be recycled at Nature’s Harvest, as well as at the CBC recycling bank at Tesco in Linslade

Old glasses (spectacles) can be recycled at most of the opticians

Newspapers – Selections (hardware and pet/garden shop) on the High Street takes old newspapers to use to pack goods they sell online

Plastic bottles and drinks cans when you’re out in the town – there are recycling bins at the Pulford Road entrance to Parson’s Close. South Beds FOE were responsible for getting this bin installed, and Central Beds Council empty it – there’s more information about the project here

Contact lens cases can be recycled at Boots Opticians in the Bossard Centre – they either have a box next to the counter, or will take a bag of cases from you

‘Soft’ plastic like plastic carrier bags can be recycled at Tesco in Linslade (the trolley is on the Homebase side of the entrance porch, marked ‘Soft Plastic’), Waitrose have a container at the front of the shop, and probably many other supermarkets do too – can anyone confirm which, and where the box is?

Batteries can be recycled at W H Smith on the High Street – there’s a box near the front of the shop; Waitrose and Wilkinson’s also have containers for them

Old mobile phones – Oxfam and Age UK charity shops take them

Textiles – as far as we’ve been able to check, all the charity shops take ‘rags’, i.e. unusable old textiles; but at the moment (May 2021), several of the shops have ‘sorry, no donations at the moment’ signs up.

Clothes – the recycling bank at Tesco’s has a number of Salvation Army containers for Clothes and/or Clothes and Shoes