Peat-free compost – list of local suppliers

30 March 2021

Here’s a list of local suppliers of peat-free compost, with prices checked today, 30 March 2021, size, and price per litre (for comparison).

We’ll keep it updated – if you know of anyone else supplying peat-free compost, please let us know at

HomebaseNew Horizon all veg compost6.9550 L14p3 for £16 (11p/L)
New Horizon all plant mix5.0020 L25p
Own brand 5.2550 L11p
Aldi1.9025 L10p
WilkinsonNew Horizon4.0020 L20p
Own brand 2.5025 L10p
Selections Ambassador4.7540 L12p10% discount for 3 (£4.28, 10.5p/L)
WaitroseMiracle-Gro4.4620 L22.3p