• Brian Eversham’s talk on ‘Nature and Climate’, 01 February 2020
    Earlier this month, All Saints Church was again packed again for a meeting organised by Leighton-Linslade Low Carbon Town (the partnership between Christian Ecology Leighton Linslade and South Bedfordshire Friends of the Earth). This time the talk was presented by Brian Eversham, Chief Executive of the Beds, Northants and Cambs Wildlife Trust, Wildlife Trust for … Read more
  • Major plan for tree planting in Central Bedfordshire
    At its budget meeting on 20 February 2020, Central Bedfordshire Council agreed to set aside $1.68 million from additional New Homes Bonus funds to a specific reserve, in support of CBC's upcoming climate change plan, for planting trees, hedges and similar cover across Central Bedfordshire.” This was a real cross-party initiative, proposed by Caroline Maudlin, … Read more
  • Central Bedfordshire Council taking its response to climate change seriously
    Three members of South Beds Friends of the Earth went along to a Central Bedfordshire Council budget-setting meeting last night, to ask them a question. This was prompted by our local MP Andrew Selous, who remarked at our recent public meeting on Nature and Climate, “We are building brand new houses now that are what … Read more
  • Paul Brown’s talk at the public meeting on climate change, 16 November 2019
    Paul Brown’s talk at the public meeting on climate change, 16 November 2019 Paul Brown is the former Guardian environment correspondent Paul started by remarking that we had just been listening to a scientist, and one of his criticisms of scientists is that they are far too cautious; they have been under attack for the … Read more
  • Dr Chris Brierley’s talk at the meeting on climate change, 16 November 2019
    Public meeting on climate change, 16 November 2019  How the climate evolved in the past and how it will develop in the future Dr Chris Brierley, Associate Professor in Climate Change, University College, London  Dr Brierley has two roles at UCL. One role is as a researcher, using climate models to simulate the climate of … Read more