Climate change – what you can do

The most important action you can do is to contact your MP and local councillors to let them know you are concerned about climate change – as one of them said at one of our public meetings, “We aren’t telepathic, we need to know what our constituents want us to do.”

So we need to tell them! Contact details for local councillors are on the Home page, and our Conservative MP Andrew Selous can be emailed on

Councillors are driven by their inboxes, so their time will often be dominated by potholes and parking; but if they have a lot of emails about climate change, then climate change will move up the priority list.

Write to business leaders, too, and to heads of major news and broadcasting organisations; tell them who you are, why you’re concerned about climate change, and what you’d like them to do about it (make more sustainable products available? stop wrecking the planet for profit, by deforestation or other forms of destroying the planet? Reporting more often, and more urgently, on these issues?). We’ve put up a suggested list here, with a framework letter to  start you off – but the more personal you can make a letter (or email), the more likely it is to provoke the response you want.

It’s particularly useful for all these people to hear from school children and young people, who will be affected by climate change for more of their lives.

In addition, we’ve produced a list of things we can all do in our everyday lives, and a leaflet here.