Great news! Town Council declares a Climate Emergency

28 September 2021

Last night (Monday Sep 27), Leighton Linslade Town Council unanimously declared a climate emergency.

The motion was proposed by Cllr Victoria Harvey, with quite a cross-party rush to second it, which was good to see. There was a good debate, particularly looking at the implications of ‘committing’ to the Council’s activities being net zero by 2030, rather than just ‘endeavouring’. Most people seemed to feel the time had come for such a declaration – over the last few the Town Council has made great progress in reducing its carbon footprint, but the general feeling of the meeting seemed to be that this declaration would show leadership and encourage their constituents. There is an intention to work with Central Bedfordshire Council, which declared a climate emergency some time ago. from

The motion in full was: “Following the declaration of a “Climate Emergency” by NALC at its Annual Conference in October 2019 and their excellent Case Studies Report and their detailed advice on how councils can take action on climate, This Council declares a “Climate Emergency” and commits to the activities of This Council being carbon neutral by 2030. This Council also commits to working with Central Bedfordshire Council in influencing and supporting the wider community of Leighton Linslade to achieve the government’s targets of net zero emissions by 2050.” a really good quality debate and great outcome. Officers are already doing many really good environmental projects but this really pulls it together. We need to really change things much faster if young people are going to have a future.