Central Bedfordshire Council taking its response to climate change seriously

Three members of South Beds Friends of the Earth went along to a Central Bedfordshire Council budget-setting meeting last night, to ask them a question. This was prompted by our local MP Andrew Selous, who remarked at our recent public meeting on Nature and Climate, “We are building brand new houses now that are what I call the houses of yesterday”. He said that we are still fitting gas boilers for heating, although this will be banned from 2025; we need to improve insulation levels to reduce energy use, and start incorporating other low-carbon techniques.

We wanted to raise the bar, and ask how CBC could persuade developers to start building the houses of tomorrow. You can hear what we said, and see Cllr Dixon’s response, here.

We had a very good response from Cllr Dixon, the Executive Member for Transformation and External Relations, who agreed that low- or zero-carbon building needed to be considered in his imminent plan for CBC’s response to the climate emergency. He went further, and said that CBC is setting up its own housing company, which will aim for negative carbon – this is great!

What was particularly interesting was to hear so many councillors mentioning climate change when discussing their normal work; it’s good to see that the message has been received and that they’re aiming to be leaders on a response to climate change!