Climate Change – Action



For the love of the planet, chocolate, wildlife, our rivers; all things that will be affected by climate change, can you spend five minutes emailing your MP Andrew Selous: asking him to ask the government to come up with clear policies to cut CO in the UK in 2020’s. The government’s own  official advisors  are warning that the government is not on track to  meet its own climate targets.

Unless action is taken now, the public faces an unnecessarily expensive deal to make the shift to a low-carbon economy.

Although the government has made some big cuts ion CO the last few years,  and Theresa May has publicly committed to the  Paris Agreement, the government are not putting in place the necessary  policies needed to cut emissions  from 2023 onwards. Implementing a few  low cost actions could make  all the  difference to cutting emissions.
The government is missing out the low cost affordable options to cut carbon and which will create jobs and help the economy, such as using onshore wind and solar  rather than importing gas, insulating houses, so that people have energy bills to pay,or building new low carbon homes, like the Zedpods  built by Bill Dunster.