Litter picking (off Grovebury Road)

16 January 2022

13.30 - 15:30

Off Grovebury Road

Work Party

Sunday 16th January 2022, 1.30 to 3.30 pm

The spur of Grovebury Road we are clearing is on the left hand side of Grovebury Road as you go out of Leighton Buzzard towards the bypass.  It is after the Harmill Industrial estate and before the retail park with Aldi and M&S.  On the corner is a company with a “Roadgrip” sign.  The spur leads up to the Carshop and Bellona drive, but you can’t exit it onto Bellona Drive by car because there is a barrier.  You can, however walk through to the new houses off Billington Road, and many people do, which is probably why it is so littered!

We will meet at the bus shelter which about halfway along the spur.