Cleaning up the Ouzel

3 August 2021

1:30pm to approximately 3:30pm

Location to be clarified - email us if you are interested

Meeting or Work Party

We have been invited to join the Greensand Trust, The Environment Agency and CBC in an event on 3rd August when a major clean up of the Ouzel is being planned in LB. Our role will be to sort and weigh the rubbish collected as part of a project to monitor plastic pollution in the Ousel catchment, which I know many of you are concerned about.

We will not have to get into the water, but will be sorting and weighing the rubbish that is removed by the teams in the water using our new litter pickers. There is a minimum age of 18 for this task. I don’t have more details yet, but when start and finish times and meeting location are confirmed I will circulate them.

So if you are interested, make a note of the date in your diaries and let us know on